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Gold Certified Designers

From Wine Direct: Wine Direct Gold-Certified designers know our platform inside and out. They’ve launched three or more responsive, highly functional, easy-to-use winery websites that follow ecommerce best practices. In addition to having expertise in design and HTML, they also know WineDirect’s complete offering and work effectively with our designer tools. Wine Direct Gold Certified […]

Hardy’s Wines

Hardys Wines, one of Australia’s best known brands, approached Moller and Romeo with a brief to help complete their new website. Hardys Wines had already begun building their new website and online store using the WordPress framework, when they decided to go with Wine Direct and all the benefits that the platform could provide. But […]

Vasse Felix

Vasse Felix approached Moller and Romeo with a brief to recreate the look of their current website on to the Wine Direct platform. Along with recreating the exact look of their current site (which had only been developed and designed in the previous 12 months) an extensive amount of custom work was required to recreate […]

Hart of the Barossa

Hart of the Barossa, a beautiful website, with the full use of image and page sliders to visually engaging the viewer