Gold Certified Designers

From Wine Direct:

Wine Direct Gold-Certified designers know our platform inside and out. They’ve launched three or more responsive, highly functional, easy-to-use winery websites that follow ecommerce best practices. In addition to having expertise in design and HTML, they also know WineDirect’s complete offering and work effectively with our designer tools.

Wine Direct Gold Certified Designers

Hardy’s Wines

Hardys Wines, one of Australia’s best known brands, approached Moller and Romeo with a brief to help complete their new website.

Hardys Wines had already begun building their new website and online store using the WordPress framework, when they decided to go with Wine Direct and all the benefits that the platform could provide. But instead of scrapping months of work on the partly completed WordPress site, it was decided that they would keep the WordPress front end and just use the eCommerce parts of Wine Direct. Hardys needed a team that could not only build a website using the Wine Direct platform, but could also build it in a way that provided a seamless transition between WordPress and Wine Direct. This is where Moller and Romeo were asked to step in.

Moller and Romeo were tasked with creating a custom solution for the shop. This involved not only developing all the pages to match the WordPress part of the site, but also developing many custom components such as age gates that determine if a user had already passed an agegate previously.

In the end, not only were we able to complete all pages of the shop as designed by the developers of the WordPress component, we were able to create a seamless experience for the website user who would be hard pressed to see that the website was actually developed using two different frameworks