Vasse Felix

Vasse Felix approached Moller and Romeo with a brief to recreate the look of their current website on to the Wine Direct platform. Along with recreating the exact look of their current site (which had only been developed and designed in the previous 12 months) an extensive amount of custom work was required to recreate the functionality also available on their current site.

We commenced the project using a basic template from the Wine Direct library, and although the finished website didn’t resemble the look of the original template in any way, it gave us a good starting point and saved the client time and money.

While the recreation of the design of the website was complex, the real challenges faced on this project were the numerous items that needed to be recreated on the Wine Direct platform to perform the same functions as on their current website. The majority of these custom functions were not standard on the Wine Direct platform and had to be built from scratch but worked as though they were standard features of Wine Direct.

Overall this has been one of our most challenging projects to date, but also one of the most satisfying, and in the end we believe we delivered a website that is both visually smart and functionality rich.